Corporate Name Ando's
Date of Foundation April 16, 1973
Phone Number +81(0)3-6459-1019
Representative Yuji (Ando) Domen
Main Clients [Overseas]F
Galerie Hopkins
André Brasilier
Mr. Custot
[In Japan]F
Mitsukoshi,Ltd. (including the flagship store and others)
Sima Creative House
Tokyo Kaikan
National Museums of France,etc.

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About Us

Ando's deals in the artworks of French Impressionist, Modern, Contemporary and Andre Brasilier who is a prominent artist of recent Paris art scene. Our close bond with Mr. & Ms. Brasilier has been continuing from 1980 when I visited them at Chateau Chenonceau. In 2006, we received a good reputation by planning and holding a big Retrospective Exhibition in Paris. In Japan also, we hold Exhibition of new paintings at regular intervals. Our close relationship with Galerie Hopkins, a world-renowned galerie and with Mr. Custot, active in Paris and in London, will be long time since 1985. Our business are mostly Impressionists, modern and contemporary arts. In 2013, Ando's made success in the national project with French government to return an artwork of French National Treasure, an Important Cultural Property, to the French Museum.2019FAt the beginning of this year,@Ando`s is working hard for the important national project.